Steps for removing broken or damaged lug bolts and installing new lug bolts WITHOUT removing the hub:

1 – Raise car – remove tire
2 – Remove caliper from disc, remove brake hose clamp connecting it to strut housing, and hang caliper out of the way (no need to disconnect brake line)
3 – Remove caliper bracket (2 bolts on back near dust shroud)
4 – Remove 2 phillips screws connecting disc to hub and remove rotor disc
5 – Locate an area on the backing where there is clearance to slide the lug bolts out
6 – Position the damaged lug bolt to be removed
7 – Push/knock the damaged lug bolt out from the hub
8 – Insert the new lug bolt. It may be necessary to grind down a portion of the lug bolt head.
9 – Seat the new lug bolt with the ball joint separator
10 – Reassemble

Link to¬†Gokhan’s article about using the Ball Joint Separator to remove and seat your lug bolts

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