How to Put on Armor in Creative Mode

If you are playing in Creative mode, armor is really not necessary to wear since you won’t take any damage. But it is still fun to put on.
If you have your inventory open in Creative mode, it is a bit tougher to find your armor menu.

To display the armor that you are wearing, select the Survival Inventory option in the bottom right of the inventory menu (see circled option below).

You will see a picture of your character with four boxes that allow you to change the armor that you are wearing.

Move the armor that you want to wear from your inventory to the boxes on either side of your character.

The diamond helmet and diamond chestplate go in the helmet and chestplate boxes on the left-side of your character. The diamond leggings and diamond boots go in the leggings and boots boxes on the right-side of your character.

As you move each armor item to your character’s clothing boxes, you will see your character’s appearance change as the armor is worn.

Now when you return to the game, you should see your character wearing the new armor.

Congratulations, you just learned how to put on armor in Creative mode.

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