UPDATE 3/23/2022
I need to remove the wheel bearing race from the NAPA assembly that I just installed in order to return them since the wheel hub is too large. When I remove the wheel hub, the wheel bearing will separate leaving a race on the wheel hub.

METHOD 1 – Use a Wheel Bearing Separator Tool.

McLaren Media has a great video about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snlqFu6MMHU


Andy’s Garage has a great video about this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqs4dz-a7pA


UPDATE 3/22/2022

Hydraulic press was able to press out wheel bearing. Wheel bearing press in went pretty well using the ORION tool – having a breaker/cheater bar and bench vise makes it much easier.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR HUB PRESS IN USING THE ORION TOOL – ONLY PRESS ON THE INNER RING/RACE.  I pressed on the knuckle (that is used only for pressing in the wheel bearing) and it broke the wheel bearing. So I had to press out the hub, then the new wheel bearing.

Using the ORION tool, I was able to press in the wheel bearing and wheel hub.  NOTE: make sure to use some high temp grease – I used Lucas Oil Red and Tacky

I reassembled the front wheel using the TRQ video below.

PROBLEM: I made it to the step of reinstalling the brake rotor – the brake rotor would not fit over the new wheel hub.
The NAPA part guarantees fit, but this wasn’t the case with the wheel hub. The bearing, wheel nut, snap ring did fit. The wheel hub does not fit my OEM rotor.
Part #: BRN 27WH9036K Napa Wheel Hub Assembly Honda CRV 2012

I contacted NAPA online support since this was an online order – the tech wasn’t able to assist me because he couldn’t locate Part #: BRN 27WH9036K Napa Wheel Hub Assembly in his system. Talked to another rep with the same result. Talked with local dealer, so will take to them to check out. Update coming soon.


UPDATE 3/9/2022
Driver’s side front wheel assembly removed using this reference – even though it only goes up to 2011, it is very similar in the steps needed:

Rotor screw stripped and that required using GRAB IT removal bits to get it out.

I was able to press out the hub using the ORION Tool  https://www.amazon.com/Orion-Motor-Tech-Replacement-Automotive/dp/B01FLVOAZI/  We were successful using the tool to press out the bearing, so we are going to try a hydraulic press for that – will have an update soon.

We used this tool to remove the retaining clip (needle nose pliers and a screw driver work, but are cumbersome and wearing). https://www.amazon.com/VISE-GRIP-Convertible-Pliers-2-Inch-2078900/dp/B000JNRR0Y/

Here’s the link to all of the videos that I referenced: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac0nC1ClIKw&list=PLouEwP5UmVbKJkgoG_nzuQ3FpZlhxpBsV

We priced Rock Auto, Honda Parts Now and NAPA.

NAPA Wheel Bearing and Hub Assembly Replacement Kit $200 per side ($160 per side as rewards member)
*parts are SKF
Wheel Hub
Wheel Bearings
Axle/Spindle Nut
Retaining Clip/Snap Ring
Rotor Screws

ROCK AUTO parts $100 per side
National Wheel Bearings
Axle/Spindle Nut
Retaining Clip/Snap Ring

HONDA PARTS NOW parts $166 per side
*parts are HONDA
Wheel Hub
Rotor Screws

We started hearing a noise from the front of our 2012 HONDA CRV – it appears to be the front wheel bearings.

Started researching a DIY solution….

An example of removing a wheel hub and bearing – this is not a Honda CRV but it is the closest example I could find.


An example of removing again – THIS IS FOR REAR WHEEL

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