The best leaders, employers, directors and managers I’ve served found a way every time to work through differences – opinions, perspectives, lack of awareness., personalities, faults, failures, genders, etc…. Not pacifying or demanding perfection – finding balance for what’s best and showing respect. Avoiding polarizing career stereotypes and there familiarity. Willing to trust your proven performance and talent. I am amazed at how they balanced so many different types of people and skillsets to achieve the goal and find success. At the same time I’m amazed how poor leaders were allowed to do what they do. When I’ve lost that type of great leadership in my life, I thank God when I’m able to gravitate back toward it. Stay focused and do what is right – let the bad ones go – be a light sparking others and shining a reflection of a greater Light! ❤️ #truth #leadership #leaders #upline chaltonhiott

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