I worked at Stonebriar Community Church full-time from 2012 to 2017 in the resource and support areas as Webmaster and Director of Web Services. Resource and support staff departments were excellent under leadership of the Senior Director and Business Administrator. Family and personal benefits were great during this time.

From my experience during 2012 to 2017 there was little down side to the job or work environment in the resource and support staff areas. During this time our family also became very involved serving with children, worship and student ministries. Also, our special needs son found a place to establish meaningful connections – it was such a relief to find this level of support and care as special needs parents. The special needs pastoral leader and team were incredible.

Pastor Chuck Swindoll and Dr. Steve Farrar are great teachers and speakers.

Beginning 2018 the Senior Director of Resource Ministries position was eliminated, resource ministries area dissolved and departments along with the Business Administrator moved under two senior associate pastors. Web Services was placed under the Senior Associate Pastor – Shepherding Ministries.

The Web services department was eliminated and my job terminated surprisingly on July 25. 2019. A contractor with past experience to the related organization, Insight For Living, made the recommendation. A few weeks later, the position which I worked at previously, webmaster, was reopened for employment. The position was given to someone from the related organization, Insight for Living.

Given the success we achieved together, I would have loved to consider an option for continuing my employment with SCC at the reopened position.

The changes in 2018 have led to challenges for resource departments and support services. Inconsistency.Restoring the resource departments structure and consider adding an executive pastor could be a solution to improve the workplace and culture.

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