Installing new or replacing old roof drip edge flashing.

A metal drip edge, sometimes called flashing, is often installed at a roofs edge. The drip edge metal is usually “L” shaped metal flashing (sometimes other shapes) that is installed at a roofs edge. Many roofs are installed without a drip edge, but the shingle or tile roofing manufactures normally recommend them.

The purpose of the metal drip edge is to channel water away from the roofs edge or to protect the wood edges of the roof. Roof sheeting is often plywood and at times may have the eave area covered with 1 x 6 dimensional lumber for aesthetic purpose. These plywood or 1 x 6 edge pieces (sometimes called starter board) if left unprotected, may get wet or absorb moisture on the edges, which causes the wood to deteriorate over time. The metal drip edges help to deter deterioration.

The most critical location for drip edge metal flashing is the point where the majority of the drips occur -the bottom area of the eaves. The rake/gable edges of the home should also get metal edging, though this is not as critical.

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