Stumbled upon the BluBOX today. Here’s the video and specs.

Tech Specs
Connections:Line In, Line Out, Speaker In, Speaker Through (Jacks),
Transformer Balanced XLR Mic Out
Voltage:9V-18V DC 200mA
Dimensions:120 x 95 x 38 mm (4,72″ x 3,74″ x 1,49″)
Weight:350g / 12.35oz
Ultra low latency
~1 ms = Distance of 30cm to a cabinet

Click here to visit the website.

NANOCAB™BluGuitar® 1×12“
FATCAB™BluGuitar® 1×12“
STACK 1965Original Marshall® 4×12”Celestion® (Alnico 15Watts)
STACK 1967Original Park® 4×12” Celestion® (Greenback 25 watts)
STACK 1970Original Marshall® 4×12” Celestion® (Greenback 25 Watts 55 Hz)
STACK 1971Original Marshall® 4×12” Celestion® (G12h30)
STACK 1980Original Marshall® 4×12” Celestion® (G12h75)
METAL V30Mesa/Boogie® Rectifier® Standard 4×12” Celestion® V30
METAL CL80Celestion® Classic Lead 80 in custom built 4×12” cabinet
JAZZ 120Roland® Jazz Chorus® 120
TWEED 1x12Vintage ´57 Fender® Tweed Deluxe®
SILVER 1x12Fender® Princeton® Silverface 1×12“
BLACK 2x10Fender® ´64 Vibroverb® 2×10“
BLACK 2x12Vintage Fender® Twin Reverb® 2×12” orange JBL®
mixed with Jensen® C12K
Black 4x10Vintage 60s Fender® Super Reverb® 4×10“
BLUE 2x12Original Vox® AC30 JMI® 2×12” Celestion® Blue Bulldog

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