My notes and takeaways from the 2016 Apple World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). Eight years ago the Apple AppStore included 50 apps. Today there are over 2 million apps and there have been over 130 billion downloads.

Improving people’s lives by creating great products to change the world.

Apple is revealing a new focus with four Apple platforms (category defining and world changing):


  • Watch OS
  • TV OS
  • OSX (macOS)
  • iOS


  • Macintosh
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV

Watch OS3 will offer access to information more quickly. About 7 times faster than OS2.  An app dock is now available and accessible with a side button.  A control center is available by swiping up from the bottom (like the iPhone). Message updated with smart replies and “scribble” for writing replies.  Activity ring  and numerals watch faces are added.  Swipe to switch watch faces.

SOS on the Apple Watch is activated by pushing and holding the watch. Sends emergency call (through cellular services) and notifies emergency contacts. International coverage.

New workout app encourages competition with Activity Rings.

Developer API updates for the Watch 0S3 offer new opportunities.  Free upgrade for users in Fall 2016.

tvOS will offer more extension from content developers via apps. It has grown from 80 to 1300 video channels and now has over 6000 apps.  Multi-channel in real time, games and larger on-demand services are a few of the new offerings.

A new version of the Siri remote app is launching.  650,000+ tv shows and movies available. “Live Tune-In” feature will allow you to go directly to live network channels. Single Sign-on makes it possible to sign-in once and you get access to all of your apps. Dark Mode adjust lighting according to the environment.  Apps sync between your other devices with Apple TV. Kick apps allow you to share video, photos, etc….

OSX will change to macOS. Latest version will be macOS Sierra. Focus on continuity (device flow) and iCloud. With AutoUnlock you can logon if you are wearing your watch (using time of flight networking security). ApplePay on the web is now available for desktop/laptop users – uses iPhone TouchID or Watch.  Siri available. Available to developers now. Public beta will release in July at Available to everyone in the fall.

iOS 10 

Lock and home screen experience. Raise to wake allows wrist/hand movement to go through notifications quickly before going past the lock screen.  Slide left to get to the camera.  Slide right for widgets. More options for other views and music.

Siri. Services over 2 billion requests a week from Apple users. It is now open to developers.

Quick Type brings Siri intelligence to the keyboard. “LSTMs” deep learning advances Siri. Multilingual typing also available.

Photos is smarter. Now offering enhanced computer vision. Using processing on the device to provide face, scene and object recognition. New tab is named “Memories”.  Most special photos set aside in categories: people, places, related.  Memories will auto-compose video clips and photos with options for editing (length, mood, etc….).

Maps is redesigned. Smarter. Suggested places and ways to filter through them. Pan and zoom on the map. Find places along the route. Now available on CarPlay. Turn-by-turn on the instrument cluster of your vehicle. Map extensions will be available to developers.

Music has over 15 million paid subscribers. Newly designed. New layout for “Now Playing”.  First tab is now the Library with a new section of downloaded music. Songs now have lyrics available. Smart technology offers mixes just for the user.


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