Steps for replacing Whirlpool Part Number WPW10276647
The evaporator motor is located the interior of the freezer compartment. Below are steps to replace the evaporator motor:
1. unplug the refrigerator power cord
2. remove the freezer bin
3. push in the rails retaining clips to removed rails and door it comes out as one unit
4. remove (4) 1/4″ screws holding the inside back access panel
5. remove the sensor cover with a flat screwdriver and removed sensor from cover
6. remove fan cover with a flat screwdriver
7. remove access panel
8. unplug harness connectors
9. unclip grounding wire
10. remove fan mounting bracket (2) screws and fan bracket
11. remove fan
12. removed fan blade by turning and pulling
13. removed fan blade retaining clips support bracket
14. removed wiring clips
15. removed motor support bushing

To assemble go on the reverse order. Should take about 15 minutes to repair.
*Note: if frost is built up use a hair dryer. Do not use sharp tools to remove any ice built up.

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