What caught my attention with ScribbleLive was the interactive pinboard for aggregating social media posts into a website.  One example is how Operation Christmas Child is offering users the opportunity to create a post with their hashtag #ipackedashoebox, then displaying the latest posts in a page on their website. See the image below.  Click here for the WordPress plugin.

ScribbleLive aggregate social media hashtag posts

ScribbleLive offers way more than just the aggregated hashtag social media posts feature. ScribbleLive’s all-in-one content marketing platform combines predictive analytics with content planning, creation, and distribution to deliver optimized business results. The platform’s strengths include real-time content publishing, discovery of high impact articles and opinions, influencer analysis, social curation and moderation, content-centric analytics, and unique interactive experiences from pinboards to timelines and polls. Learn more.

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