This is basically my first cartoon since my craniotomy. A few weeks ago I started walking at lunch, eating better and doing some light work outs. Instead of my energy going up, it actually started going down. I also started drifting a bit in the left lane and did several curb checks, very unlike me. I even had people stop me at work stop me and ask if I was ok. My wife kept staring at my face to see if I had had a stroke. One of my nephews thought I was intoxicated on one visit. You think I would have taken the hint, but I did not at the time. Now I look back I see more evidence, In fact one of my last toons looks like a Picasso.

Did I mention my facebook posts and emails became increasingly confusing to even me.

So I then started getting some serious headaches. I finally went to my doctor and they thought I might be having migraines so treated me for them. After 4 days and I was still having headaches they scheduled me for a CT scan, but then because it was going to take a while to get in so they suggested I go straight to the ER. The ER did a scan and the next thing I know I’m in Neuro ICU. And the neuro surgeon was explaining I had a cyst on my brain and it needed to come out. So on June 7th, I was scheduled for surgery. My youngest daughters birthday, :(
After the surgery I got very Ill from the anesthesia. And over heard the surgeons, and none of it was good. They were saying chemo and radiation. It sounded grim. Later when the more they explained, the worse it got. My wife did not share all of the info until I was stronger. My brother accidently told me what I had. I looked it up and it shook me up and I had several very dark nights ahead. I’m doing better now though, my faith strengthens me and all the prayers from friends and family. the anti-anxiety meds help too. since diagnosis. I bought a couple books from other survivors. I have to have some hope to cling on to. If it were not for my faith I don’t know if I could get out of bed. I know not everyone has faith, but I wish everyone could have the peace that can come with it. Physically I’m doing great. I’m eating healthier and walking a lot again. I’m fortunate that there doesn’t seem to be any significant impairment with my body. Not everyone is so fortunate.

I start Chemo next Monday and radiation a week later. While I’m not excited by the possibility of the side effect, I will not survive the year without it. I’m pretty sure I was just days away from death when I went to the ER.

I won’t post my diagnosis here, because I need all people to keep their hope for me up. There are people that survive longer than decade. so I do have hope. I found a man out there that has gone 17 years with clean MRIs. I hope to follow suit. I just need to learn to live in the moment and go one clean MRI at a time. I can’t be cured but I can be maintained. I have actually communicated with a lady that has gone 14 years

After getting out of the hospital I tried using Manga Studio, my choice of digitally drawing my cartoon, Sadly it has not worked out as I’m confused while trying to use it. My doctor says it’s most likely the steroids I’m on. In fact I’m on a lot of meds. So many things could be confusing me. The brain surgery is probably at the top of the list.

So I have hope and an incredible team of doctors, a list that grows every week. My hope is not solely =in the doctors but in God primarily, the Great physician.

I hope this is not too dark for you.

This toon was a rare hand drawn cartoon. My usual software doesn’t make as much sense as it used to. So I hand drew and scanned it into Manga Studio and added the dialog there. I got the idea from a few people at work, particularly Pastor Roy.

So if your are the praying type, I could use your prayer, if not I could use your positive thoughts.

My oncologist, said where my tumor was can cause people to become apathetic and lack follow through. So I think it is important for me to follow through with my normal schedule for posting. As many of my regular readers know that my wife went through breast cancer in 2012. I even did a comic book about it, maybe
i’ll do a sequel? I’m not sure anyone would want to read something dark. I do think DFTG will take more of spiritual turn. I’ll also start posting a “best of” DFTG. Oddly my site stats have jumped up since I stopped doing my toons.

I had some great people do guest comics for me, including my webmaster, which I didn’t get his joke as it was a database gag.

Thanks to Mark Johnson of, very smart guy.
Also to Michael Corley of supplied 2 toons.
Thanks to a long time DFW fellow cartoonist Thomas Overbeck of
Thanks to the lovely hearted emmyJ of
I became a big fan of jeff sinclaire of I loved his toon.

You are all my heroes, I hope I can repay your kindness someday somehow.
Btw, my surgeon thinks he got the whole tumor, hopefully if not chemo and radiation will eliminate the rest.

If you want to ask any questions or comment, you can email me at I’ll be honest and transparent as long as this journey lasts.