I have been “playing” at this whole toon thing for just a short time. I am no where near in the league as some of the webcomics out there. In fact since I do mostly one panel toons right now, some purists will say what I do is not webcomics. I will do more traditional webcomics coming up though. So since I have no real delusions as to making a living doing this I really can not justify spending any real money towards it. So, I have been trying a few opensource drawing programs and there are some nice ones. Almost all of my toons have been done with MS paint, which really keeps me in a geek state of mind. However Paint is severely limited. So lately I have been trying Paint.net , I really like it. I am struggling a bit to fully understand and use layers. Still wrapping my brain around it, but i will get there. If anyone has any suggestions on any opensource programs please let me know.

Anyways, I’m still having fun with all of this. I’d like to thank all 3 or 4 people who have visited so far. I appreciate any positive feedback. Negative feedback will just make me sad, so please don’t do it. :)