Coffee with Scott:So did I mention I had coffee with Scott Kurtz today? It came about because he responded to an email about my copy of “How to Make Webcomics”, which I ordered nearly 2 months ago. Instead of being defensive or making excuses, he flat out apologized! Since his office is in the same town I live in, he offered to meet me somewhere and he’d give me my book.

So we met and again he acknowledged the breakdown in his system. He was very cool and listened to me ramble a bit about my view on webcomics and other assorted nonsense. He made some great observations on his book and what they were trying to do. I even bought him a coffee and his helper a cup of coffee. He actually offered to buy me a coffee and had to be convinced to let me treat. I’m a bit of a shy person so I find meeting people a challenge. Meeting someone with a bit of fame does not make much of a difference but there was that too. Scott was very cool and genuine and I appreciate the time he took for a fan. I had said in emails to him that I would not buy direct from him again, but I just might now. Especially if he gets his order delivery process fixed. The nice thing was I thought I faked not be in awe well. Not a big fan of fan-boys any time, but being one of them is less appealing.

Now for the book that started this all:I have not gotten deep in to , mostly because I keep flipping back to the inside cover where there is a great sketch of Brent. I can say as I was flipping through it I realize how much ‘actual’ useful information it contains. I have already seen things to improve and understand what I’m trying to do. If you are interested at all in making webcomics I think this may be the first ‘must-read’ book. Then again being a newbie in this I may just be full of crap as usual. I know I’m having a blast at this and if I never sell a single ad or make a single dollar, this is just fun.

Normally I would attempt a toon to go with this blog, but that would be way too intimidating. I do have an idea for toon thought of today that I’ll do in a separate post later today.

Thanks Scott for everything!