Do You Trust The Tech To Drive?

Do You Trust The Tech To Drive?

The future is here and the robots are among us. If you live in the Frisco area, you may have seen one of eight orange self-driving vans moving about in traffic. Thanks to a partnership with Drive AI, Frisco gave artificial intelligence and self-driving transportation a try.  After eight months the service has ended for Frisco public transit. Read the article. 

Bummer – at least they gave it a shot. There were no safety issues – hopefully it will become more feasible. Maybe public trust just isn’t quite there yet.

Check out their website.

Getting SSL Right for Your Website

Getting SSL Right for Your Website

Is the padlock disappearing or not appearing at all in your web browser’s address bar? Do you get errors for hostname mismatch, OCSP Status revoked?

Check this list:

1. Any links in page text including image links.

2. Theme’s global settings, check links for logo, favicons, etc.

3. Any scripts for Google analytics, fonts, etc. must be https. You may need to access the header.php file via the Editor.

4. Check header and footer for any global links that may need to be changed in Widgets.

Test your site at:
Why No Padlock?
HubSpot SSL Checker
These tools will help you identify possible problems.


What is SSL and why does my website need it?  Watch the Hubspot Video for a quick overview of why SSL is important for your website:

Google Rank Brain

Google Rank Brain

What is Google’s Rank Brain? It is the artificial intelligence (AI) system used for processing search queries.  These queries run at millions per second.  The AI processes very large amounts of written language into vectors (mathematical entities) to communicate with the computer.

If there are words or phrases that Rank Brain doesn’t identify or understand, it begins making guesses for similar data.

Rank Brain is just one of the signals used by Google to determine which search results will appear on the search page and how they are ranked.  Google estimates Rank Brain is responsible for about 15% of searches making it one of the most important of the hundreds of signals used. It is continually growing and changing.

Tensor processing units (TPUs) are being leveraged for this system.

The initial rollout of Rank Brain was early in 2015.  It’s currently thinking…..

Mobile Apps to Progressive Apps

Mobile Apps to Progressive Apps

Mobile, mobile, mobile. Over the past several years mobile reach has continued expanding. For the future, Google is predicting that mobile apps will give way to progressive apps. Their presentation last week at the developer’s conference was very interesting. Mobile versions of websites gave way to mobile apps which are giving way to progressive apps.   I think the concept of progressive apps sounds like the merger of mobile apps and responsive web – joining forces and functions. Package and market it however you’d like, users want similar performance and experiences from whichever device they are using whether they are using in an app or at a website.

Watch the presentation from GOOGLE I/O May 2017

Click here to read more at Google.

Click here to read the TechCrunch article from February 2017.

Simpler Processes Make Better Systems

Simpler Processes Make Better Systems

Fun learning stuff today as I watched the Momentum 2016 SMB Customer Spotlight: How App Annie and Hotel Planner Drive Efficiency with DocuSign webinar.  Docusign implementation  for App Annie (delivers data and insights to succeed in the app economy) and Hotel Planner has scaled with their business and improved efficiency. Click here to watch.

*simpler processes make better systems
*shifting users from pcs and macs to mobile
*empowering users to take responsibility for tasks, actions
*share success stories internal and external

It is expected that paper contracts (in the hotel industry) will be mostly replaced by digital within 5 years.

Launch Plan Idea – Initial release. Educate internally. Educate clients. Launch to clients.



One Facebook Page to Rule Them All

One Facebook Page to Rule Them All

Does your business or organization have more than one location? If so, have you requested Facebook Locations for your page?

It’s pretty simple to request and setup. Visit the links below to learn more.

Visit the Help Center to learn more about Locations:

To download the Locations Guide:

Should I Stay or Should I Pokemon Go?

Should I Stay or Should I Pokemon Go?

Pokemon GoIs indecision bugging you? Should you join Pokemon Go? I was pulled into the fray after hearing the social media buzz and “Pokemon” hunters began showing up at our workplace. I wasn’t really into the game as a young adult, but I knew about the game and it’s following.

Pokemon are fictional creatures that humans known as Pokémon Trainers catch and train to battle each other for sport. The Nintendo game was very popular in the 1990s.

With the launch of a mobile app, Pokemon Go, recently there’s been a surge of Pokemon popularity. Pokémon Go uses your phone’s GPS and clock to detect where and when you are in the game and make Pokémon “appear” around you (on your phone screen) so you can go and catch them. Pokemon fans love this concept since it places the game in their “real” world – thus the augmented reality.

The app is free: Android I iOS

Use your GOOGLE account or your email to create a Pokemon Go profile.

Mark Johnson Catching my first Pokemon GoNotes for Gameplay:

Instead of being ranked by levels, Pokemon are ranked by their Combat Power. Common Pokemon and unevolved Pokemon will have a lower CP. Evolved and rare Pokemon typically have higher CP. Your Pokemon can raise their CP by powering up through Stardust and Candy, two items that can be obtained by a variety of methods, such as catching Pokemon.

Work your way up to Level 5 in order to join a team.

Pokemon Gyms are claimed by a team and, based on the Gym’s Prestige level, a number of trainers can assign their Pokemon to protect the Gym. One of those trainers is the Gym leader. The Gym leader’s level is marked by a crown and has the highest level Combat Power (CP) Pokemon at the Gym.

Want to turn off background music, adjust power settings, etc…? Tap the Pokeball icon on the screen, then look in the upper right-hand corner.


The app is free, however the developers are offering in-app purchases to generate revenue. Localized ads and selling user data are a couple of ways I could seem more profits for it. Some Pokemn Go locations sell goods and services which make hunters prospect consumers. And for the lazy hunters, Uber could take a stake! 🙂

What other ways do you see this app further monetizing?

Virtual Reality VR 360 Painting with Glen Keane

Virtual Reality VR 360 Painting with Glen Keane

Visual artistry and storytelling is headed in a fantastically new direction with virtual reality (VR) 360 technology. “There’s a frustration that I have, wishing that the flatness of the paper would go away, and I could actually dive in.” Glen Keane.

His flat drawing has become sculptural drawing. Watch his story and how virtual reality (VR) 360 has opened a new world for his creativity.